The Game

All that love and romance is just wonderful, but now it’s time to return to my non-traditional adventure traveling roots. In that regard, I have been editing and organizing a number of stories from my extensive collection of hand written notebooks. If I don’t get too overwhelmed with stonework, I will continue posting these new old stories in the coming weeks. Additionally, it occurs to me that many of these stories vaguely refer to my radical theories on international politics and economic systems. As such, it might be helpful to occassionally spell out these theories more clearly so that the vague references of my main character (me) have some substance behind them. Accordingly, I am going to start adding short essays “explaining” some of my various theories. The long winded traveling tales will continue, these shorter blogish things are going to be an added feature. This is the first one.

The Game

Let’s not kid ourselves with weasel words like globalization and neo-liberalism, the name of the game is world conquest, and USA inc. thinks it’s going to win. There are, however, several other big players at the table. China inc. and Russia, inc. still have strong positions, and you can’t forget the Euro, inc. or India inc. or Brazil, inc. either. South Africa, inc. is rising fast while Great Britain inc., Canada inc., and Australia inc., still like to pretend they are independent of USA, inc.. A good part of the world consists of subsidiary corporations who operate with a veneer of independence but are mostly managed by USA inc..

Realistically speaking, neither China, Russia, nor anyone else is going to “win” the game. Indeed, some would suggest that they are not trying to “win” but are merely trying to stop USA inc. from doing so. It is, you might say, the ultimate question on the international stage for the 21st century. Are we going to live in a unipolar world with USA inc. as the big bossman with their currency involved in every asset transaction and their military on the scene to provide protection for assets. Or are we going to live in a multi polar world with many smaller governments, decentralized power and localized control of the environment and natural resources?

Because I live in the states, I gain some benefit from the conquest game. As the assets of the corporate colonies are exploited, I have access to the products of empire. Cheap fossil fuels are readily available and I can go to the mall or Walmart or Amazon and buy lots and lots of stuff. Nevertheless, I oppose the conquest as a matter of principle. I believe in de-centralized power structures and localized management of environments and natural resources. I am opposed to the empire even though I live within its boundaries? In other words, I don’t root for the home team. Does that make me a dissident?

The great game is played within the theoretical construct of capitalism. That’s what free trade agreements are all about; transforming governments into corporations. A government serves the interests of its people; the complex non-linear multi faceted interests of the great variety of people. A corporation serves the interest of profit which is linear focused and fundamentally different than concern for people. The theoretical concept of capitalism requires continuous growth for the corporation. Since we live on a finite planet where everything is already “owned” by someone, continuous growth for one requires continuous destruction or defeat for another. That’s what I mean by the conquest game.

If you watch the world stage and it’s various maneuvering, you can see the game unfolding all the time. Wars are fought, regimes are changed, the world is in constant turmoil. What is the force that drives that turmoil; the game… Capitalism and it’s infinite need to grow and grow. The empire tries to tell you a different story. The cover story, the bullshit story, the big fucking lie. Good versus evil; democracy freedom versus tyranny terrorism. They also use religious and cultural differences as a great distraction. But if you believe that nonsense, you are a fool. Who controls the assets? Who provides the money supply? Who profits from the destruction of the old infrastructure and who profits from the building of the new Infrastructure? That’s what wars are fought about.

I, of course, can’t do anything to stop or change or effect this craziness, all I can do is watch it unfold. Syria and the Ukraine are the focal points at the moment because the Europeans are going to consume lots of energy in the coming century and Russia inc. and USA inc. are maneuvering to see who is going to be supplying that energy. The pipelines from the Middle Eastern dollar dictatorships (subsidiaries of USA inc.) to Europe must go through Syria. And the pipelines from Russia to Europe must go through Ukraine. Eenie meanie minie moe. It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on. A proxy war; USA inc. is attacking the economic well being of Russia, inc.. They are fighting over the control of Europe’s energy supply. Dangerous game if you ask me. The opposition has enough nukes to blow the world several times over. But USA inc. has an advantage and they are pressing that advantage. They seem to think that Russia inc. will ultimately back down and accept defeat in the mano y mano arena of Capitalism rather than annihilate the entire planet in a hot war.

There are some hopeful signs on the horizon; Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain are challenging the fundamentals of the construct. A few semi-socialistic governments in Latin America also occasionally poke at the parameters of the Capitalist empire. Unfortunately, they are all still trapped by the international currency system. There seems no escape from the paper cage. If you want to play on the world stage, you have to use their game pieces.

In my opinion, the best hope for the future is the rising world wide indigenous movement and the notion of “living well.” It is possible to create an economic system on principles other than pure profit but first we have to change the metaphor. Indeed, if we don’t change the metaphor soon, the whole darn game just might be over…

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