Petra; Shadows and Light


As my regular readers know, my blog entries tend to grow thin to non-existent when stone season begins. Building stonewalls, patios and waterfalls leaves me with little time or energy for long-winded traveling tales. However, since my last four stories about my incredible journey to Petra are rather long and involved, visitors to this site will at least have something to chew on and mull over while I am busy with my rocks. So please, read The Petra Pilgrimage Stories. There are three of them; one for each day I spent at Petra. The third one, however, is so long that I divided it into two parts. If you read all the Petra stories together, you will find that it is really a single rather long but very amazing story. Not quite long enough to be a novela but definitely long enough with photos included to give you an hour or so of intense vicarious travel adventure experience. Hopefuly, you will find the experience both interesting and enjoyable. To find this complete collection of connected Petra stories, all you have to do is scroll down this main page.

In the mean time, I am not going to abandon my blog posts altogether. I still have lots of photos to share, some brief commentaries to make and maybe I will find time for an occasional little story. This week I am posting photos from Petra under the theme of Light and Shadow. Sometimes I like to look at photos and imagine that light and shadow are characters in the story of the picture. Hmm… what is light doing? Hmm… what is shadow doing? Darkness meets light on the dance floor of paradise and a rainbow of color opens before them… Anyway, Petra is a great place to play this game.

1342142113411376 1458151616371650165614671466I hope you like the photos. Don’t forget to read the full story of my pilgrimage to Petra. You can find it be returning to the main menu and scrolling down. Thanks , .

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