Petra; Sculpture of the Gods…



I’m really busy with my own stonework this week so once again I don’t have time to write or post a new travel story. The Petra Pilgrimage series is still available for your reading pleasure if you just scroll down this main page. The stories from Petra are independent and inter-related. Mix and match or start from part I and read all the way through. It was truly amazing what I experienced there and I would like to share it with as many people as possible.

In the mean time, I still have many photos to share from Petra. This week I am presenting photos under the topic of ambiguous giant stone sculpture. If you ever find yourself exploring Petra, you will see that in addition to all the marvelous human created cliff carvings, there are also some pretty impressive natural rock formations that kind of look like giant sculptures formed by nature or some sort of pre-historic god. Actually, sometimes it is difficult to tell if some formations are the result of natural processes or from human effort with hammer and chisel. So that is the game we are playing this week. If you, dear reader, are ready for the challenge. I am going to post a series of photos and you have to guess whether they were sculpted by people with active imaginations and hammers and chisels or formed through the mysterious processes of nature.










Did you guess which ones were sculpted? Which ones were natural? Are you certain? A few of them are easy, but for some it is rather hard to tell. I can’t tell you if you were correct or not because I don’t know myself. I just saw the images and took the photos. I, personally, like to think that they were all made by the gods…

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to read the Petra Pilgrimage stories that can be found by scrolling down the main page. Thanks.

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