Time and Energy?

In case you are curious as to why I have not posted new travel stories lately, this series of three photos should adequately explain it. As regular readers are aware, in my real life (when not traveling), I earn my survival rations by working as a stone mason. Indeed, many of my travel stories and photos tend to focus on great stone creations around the world. Not that my own creations can compete with the likes of Angkor or Petra or the Pyramids. But stonework is not a competition, it is an inspired occupation. We are all in this together to use the materials around us to make the world more beautiful.

Anyway, I call this little game; patio mathematics. Solve for X.

Photo 1 + photo 2 + X = photo 3




And don’t forget to read the Petra Pilgrimage stories. You can find them by scrolling down the page. Thanks.

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