Joy to the World

We interrupt my regularly scheduled travel stories, international relations commentaries and non-traditional economic theories for a special announcement. Three weeks ago, on July 11, 2015 at 3:23 am, the incredible and amazing Ms. B. gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter. I have no intention of transforming this website into a baby blog and as a matter of privacy there will probably not be frequent mentions of the little one on this site. Nevertheless, I must say, having witnessed the birthing process first hand for the first time I now have infinite and overwhelming respect for all mothers everywhere. Not that I didn’t respect and admire mothers before. And I knew that labor was a difficult thing. But seriously, holy shit, I bow down before the mothers of the world and worship them.

For the foreseeable future, anything that Ms. B. or the little one want that is within my power to give, they shall have.

Happy happy Joy Joy!!!

I shall return to posting travel stories and commentaries in the relatively near future but fatherhood is hard work and it takes time.


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