Call me Coyote…

Call me Coyote….

I am a fictional character. I am not real. I am fake news. Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution. It is an imaginary revolution. It is not real.

I first began to howl in December of 1994. That was the moment when I divested from the Empire. I cashed out my few “financial investments” and stopped “investing” any money in “corporations.” I stopped voting. I stopped paying taxes. I stopped filling out any and all paperwork relating to the US government except for the bare minimum necessary to renew my passport for international travel. I stopped believing that the US corporatocracy was a legitimate government and no longer recognized its authority. I live and work within the boundaries of the US but my way of life and my own personal economics are completely independent from those psychopaths in Washington, D.C.. and New York who claim to be my rulers. Fuck them. I don’t want to fight them. I don’t want to take over. I just want to ignore them. And really, for 24 years now it has been fairly easy to do that.

Remember, this is fiction, I am not real.

I am also not an anarchist philosophically. I believe that human beings have a social instinct and a natural tendency to come together in groups. The creation of government or law is the real world application of that natural instinct. Nevertheless, I am a practicing political and economic anarchist because I oppose the present ruling oligarchy/corporatocracy that calls itself the US government. Elections are a carnival act and so called “leaders” are clowns. Power structures need to be decentralized and democracy needs to be more direct. The war against the world must come to an end. I believe the practice of non-violent political and economic anarchy are the most effective means to assist the inevitable collapse of the present broken system and help humans through the transition to a saner way of living and societal organizing. Ignore and avoid the federal government as much as possible, that is what the imaginary revolution is all about. Create a beautiful new world in the midst of the shitty one collapsing all around us.

And the coyote howls…. Owooooo!

The truth is… the real reason I began the imaginary revolution during that long ago December was to “save my guilty soul” and live according to my conscience. If you take the propaganda seriously, and believe that democracy is real, then you as a citizen are responsible and culpable for the actions of your government. Secondly, despite the absurd legal doctrine that claims otherwise, the truth is, you as an investor are responsible and culpable for the actions of the “corporations,” you invest in. Over the course of my world travels, I was made intensely aware of numerous atrocities committed by “my government” and their partner “corporations” supposedly acting on my behalf (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia, Bolivia, Chile, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia…etc.etc.etc…… and then there was Iraq). More to the point, I came to realize that the entire economic and legal system that I participated in was built upon a foundation of conquest and Imperialism. Once I became aware of this truth, I had a spiritual, emotional and mental breakdown. Boom… I had no choice but to start my imaginary revolution. That day in December oh so long ago when I burned all my paperwork and ran through the wintery streets screaming about freedom was one of the worst and also one of the best days of my entire life. It changed everything. And believe it or not, it changed everything for the better.

And the coyote howls…. Owooooo! Owooooo!

I was really only manic for a couple of weeks. After that my brain and body settled down to a new kind of normal. But I never went back to “reality.” I quit my job… Career … Profession. My paperwork remained burned and not replaced. I was 100 percent sincere in my decision and that sincerity set me free. A new sense of calm settled over my persona. I finally felt released from this tremendous burden of guilt and confusion. America, inc. was now a monster I could see from the outside as a sane observer rather than a part of me that I had to look at from the inside as an active participant. America, inc., is not my government. It is the government. It is not a reflection of me. I am free. Owoooooo! Owoooooo!

Of course, there are complications and challenges that arise for anyone wishing to join the “imaginary revolution.” You can’t just howl at the moon like a coyote. It is a little like choosing to be an undocumented immigrant in your own country. And that is not easy… especially the way “illegals” are treated around here. The most difficult part for me, personally, was the harassing phone calls from banks, student loan creditors, collection agencies, insurance agents, and government bureaucrats. It was kind of amusing once in a while to banter with them about the fraudulent nature of my education and the illusory nature of my so-called debts and credits…. Owooooo! Owoooooo! But really, after a while, it was just annoying harassment on their part and for a couple of years it was relentless. I would tell them over and over. Go ahead and sue me. I have nothing so I have nothing to lose. They never did actually sue me because I really do have nothing. But they continued with their telephone harassment for a number of years. My student loan creditors even illegally harassed my parents about it for a little while.  My parents had to inform them that their grown son was an independent adult and they were not in any way legally responsible for his debts or behavior.

They eventually stopped calling. Still, 23 years later, I occasionally get a form letter of some sort demanding payment of some ridiculous sum….. Owoooooooo! I never actually legally declared bankruptcy. I just burned all my paperwork and stopped taking the empire and its storyline seriously. I just decided that I don’t really want or need to “own” anything. Indeed, not-owning is what the imaginary revolution is all about.

Remember, this is a work of fiction and not a revolutionary manifesto. I am merely explaining the perspective of the coyote character. None of this is real… No doubt the propaganda machine will call coyote a communist or a socialist or some other ist when they learn of the imaginary revolution emerging in their midst but coyote is none of those things. A coyote is a coyote and that is all. It is important to set forth coyote’s philosophy in some detail so that his views and behavior are not misrepresented or misunderstood.

Coyote is a firm believer in the possession of property for personal use and coyote righteously follows the common monotheistic commandment of “thou shalt not steal.” But coyote does not believe in the concept of ownership. Distinguishing between possession and ownership is the most important thing you must learn if you wish to understand the coyote and participate in the imaginary revolution. Possession of property for personal use is an observable fact in the real world. We live in homes, we eat food, we use tools and we play with toys. The amount of stuff a human can possess, however, is limited by natural law and observable reality. A human can only live in one home. A single human can only work on or use a limited amount of acreage. Coyote would never steal or interfere with another human’s possessions. Rent, own or squat… it matters not; coyote would never interfere with or disturb your living space. Ownership, on the other hand, is a metaphorical or religious construct backed by a militaristic police state. Coyote does not believe the bizarre religion and therefore does not recognize the concept. According to the the state religion something like 45% of the nation’s resources and economic value are “owned” by 01% of the nation’s population. Who are they kidding? You would have to be completely looney tunes to believe in such an absurd reality. But hey… Then again… These are the same people that believed in the divine right of kings…. If you want to live in a mansion with a swimming pool and chandeliers; that is fine by coyote and he will leave you alone. If, however, you “own” a mansion or a vacation home or an extra motor vehicle or even a bottle of wine…. that you are not actively using. Coyote will take it as his own possession and use it as he desires as is his holy right as a free beast upon the planet earth…

Ownership is numbers and legal documents and accountants and lawyers and insurance agents and registration and tax forms and more numbers and debits and credits and pieces of this and pieces of that. It is a whole elaborate mythology with millions of priests and preachers who believe it is real and profit greatly from proselytizing its message. Maybe there is a great big computer somewhere keeping track of everything. Maybe there is an objective truthful reality that outlines the proper official boundary lines of ownership for everything that exists on earth? Maybe some legitimate authority says who owns what? Why? How did they get to “own” it in the first place? No matter. Coyote does not believe the state religion or recognize the authority. He only believes what he sees in the real environment that he inhabits.

It’s been 24 years now since I wasted time on bullshit paperwork. I have not yet been sued for any of my old debts and I have not yet been arrested for ignoring all tax forms. The reason for this is simple. I own nothing and have only a very small bank account. In legal terminology, I am “judgment proof.” In other words, I am irrelevant so the Empire leaves me alone. For several years I went without even having a bank account. But as a practical matter, it is useful to have one in order to facilitate currency transfers from my clients. Bank cards are also very helpful for international travel. As a general rule, my bank account is at about 0.00 in the Spring (when taxes are due ha ha). But then, over the course of my work season (April – November) it grows. Back in the old days, when I first started to howl, I was lucky if my account would grow to $5000 by November. But now that I am more skilled at my chosen form of service to my fellow humans, it usually grows to more like$10,000 by November. I don’t believe in long term accumulation of oligarchic government currency because oligarchic government currency is really just a tiny little piece of the whole ownership religion. US dollars are particularly blood and oil soaked so there are ethical issues with even using dollars in local transactions. Nevertheless, I do use some currency as a practical matter because money is the only form of economic value that most people understand and I have to exist in the day to day world. Whenever the bank account gets too full (every November), I go world wandering to disperse the currency on far away people who provide me with food and shelter. I return to my home territory in the Spring with little or no currency left. And then the cycle of work… service for others…. begins again.

It is really a fairly simple economic formula for a very satisfying existence. Coyote is not an acetic monk wandering with a begging bowl or a poverty stricken crazed desperado in the street. Coyote lives very well in the material sense. He eats very good food and he stays in comfortable awesome places all the time. Coyote likes to work but he chooses his own work environment and he will not work for a boss. He provides a service to other humans and in exchange for that service the others give him food or shelter or herbal medicines or currency. Currency is a useful tool for acquiring possession of food and shelter and medicine without hassle. Coyote realizes that the value of currency is based completely upon an illusion of the oligarchs, but coyote does know how to use currency in a practical sense. He rents nice living spaces, he eats in restaurants, he goes to music and art shows and he travels the world.. He just has no overhead…. no insurance, no taxes, no interest payments, no debt payments, no penalties, no add-ons. So the currency cost of his existence is very low. Perhaps 15 grand a year. But the material quality of his existence is very high…

One day, the imaginary revolution will evolve and the humans in America will start creating alternative democratic currencies to replace the present oligarchic war-based currency that controls things. That is, in fact, the coyote’s hope… the coyote’s dream…. Then the “ownership” economic system will completely collapse and a “possession” based economic system will arise in it’s place. No longer will it be necessary to use their bloody money… It’s really not that hard to imagine. And it really is possible. And such a transformation could theoretically save us from the ever widening capitalist world war…. Just say no to US dollars…. Don’t sell your labor for tiny pieces of the oligarch’s pie, trade your service for the real economic value that is available in your community… That is really all the coyote is trying to say….

But no, that day is not yet here. The capitalists still rule. Nothing to do but howl like a coyote. Owoooooo!

And besides, this is a work of fiction. I am not real. This is fake news. Don’t believe a word of it!

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See you Somewhere…

Coyote and Hummingbird

I think I’m going to call the new book “Coyote and Hummingbird” because those two characters from my medicine cards keep showing up in my day to day life.  Somehow or other, they represent the oppositional aspects of the metaphysical quagmire that I am trying to understand.   In other words… sometimes I feel like Coyote and sometimes I feel like Hummingbird.  This new book, the one I am writing now, will contain stories and essays from the perspective of each character.

Coyote exists to disrupt the Empire. He is the trouble-maker, the scoundrel, the outlaw. He is the metaphorical embodiment of the imaginary revolution. He wants to see the whole horrible evil empire come crashing down and he is on a continual quest to help make that happen. His quest, however, is complicated and also rather reckless. By challenging the empire philosophically, economically, politically, and artistically, he puts at risk his own very good life. Luckily, he’s a fictional character.

Hummingbird, on the other hand, can’t be bothered with the evil empire. He just wants to enjoy life and live the now. He has a good life with a wonderful family, a happy home, and a moderately successful business. He travels the world and tells fun stories about his various adventures. The empire is obviously collapsing anyway. It doesn’t need to be challenged. Hummingbird plays enough of the reality game to stay out of trouble and tries to create oasises (oasi?) of beauty amid the horrors of the modern industrial civilization. Hummingbird is also a fictional character.

The overarching story of the book will be relationship between the two characters. Will hummingbird lead coyote away from trouble… Or will coyote eat hummingbird?

Another Coyote

The Coyote continues…

I will state once again for the record: this is a work of fiction. The story may be “true” but the narrator is not a real person….

Three days after the coyotes appeared in the pre-dawn forest, another coyote appears.. this time as my morning coffee card. It is the 16th of December and I am planning to drive into town to get supplies for the Winter Solstice. I have gone almost six weeks now without my favorite indulgences; I want them to be on hand when the moment comes. I don’t have to pick up weed because it is going to be delivered here tomorrow; but I have to get coffee, alcohol and ice cream… I also have to go to the bank.

“Are you sure you want to go?” questions Ms.B.? “I have to go into town tomorrow anyway. I could just do your errands then.” She is aware of the coyote’s appearance as my morning card and she fully understands the implications.

“I refuse to let a card game change my behavior,” I answer, “I’m not afraid of any coyote. I’m going to town.”

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The Coyotes Howl

Here is another new “travel story.”  Like usual, it is presented as fiction even though it might be more of less true…

The Coyotes Howl

The coyote has now appeared to me three times in recent days. Once, in reality, on a pre-dawn walk in the forest and twice in the cards with my morning coffee. Does that, perhaps, mean that the coyote character or the coyote experience is about to manifest and throw my day to day existence for a loop? I don’t know. I can only ride this roller coaster I can’t direct which way it goes. The first encounter occurred on December 13 at dawn. I was tripping out from food fasting and I went for a wander around the pre-dawn wintry forest without a flashlight. Does that sound crazy? Well, yes, maybe a little, but not really. I should probably explain.

It all started with my annual cleansing ritual. My cleanse… that’s what I call it. I have followed the same routine every year for over twenty years. At the end of my work season in early November, I quit all four of my favorite indulgences; no more weed, no more caffeine, no more alcohol and no more more sugar. I give them all up for about six weeks up until the moment of the winter solstice. There is no specific religious or spiritual motive behind my cleanse as I first began the cleanse to help me with severe winter depression. But I have continued the ritual for over twenty years now so it sort of does feel like a spiritual or meditative process. I rather enjoy the re-boot to my system and I think it is very good for my overall well-being.

Some years back, in 2007, I added a three day food fast to the middle of the cleanse. Again, the fast does not have a religious or spiritual motive. I just met this impressive older world traveler human at a cafe in Chiapas, Mexico and in the midst of regaling me with his tales of travels far and wide he detoured into a rather detailed and interesting dissertation on the benefits of fasting. I was fascinated by his story so I decided to try a three day fast a few days later when I was camped out in the jungle near the Guatemalan border. My experience was amazing and I believe very beneficial for my physical and mental health. As such, I have added it to my annual routine.

This year, I started my fast on the 10th of December. I ate my last meal for dinner on the 9th and would not eat again until sunrise on the 13th. Nothing but water with a little cheater squeezed lemon juice flavor for four nights and three days. It’s probably a weird thing to say but I rather enjoy fasting and I can understand how a person could become addicted to it. But I only do it once a year. It’s been ten years now… every year some time in early December. I go for 80 something hours… Sunset to sunrise with three full days in between. The fasting guru at the cafe in Chiapas told me you have to go a minimum of 70 hours to transform your body and kick on the cell rejuvenator. I’ve never researched it further and I’m not exactly sure what a cell rejuvenator is but I can say from my experience that something remarkable does indeed happen to the body on or about the 70 hour point. The sensation of hunger disappears, the body feels weak and the brain starts to wander in ethereal realms. The hours that follow are like some kind of spirit ride… Continue reading