Capitalism vs. Socialism and the Imaginary Revolution

Hummingbird is still lost in the Serpent’s Cave in Guatemala.   Meanwhile, my friend coyote is on his soap box again…

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Call me coyote, I am a fictional character.  I am not real.  I am fake news.  Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution.  It is an imaginary revolution, it is not real…

I see some variation of the never-ending “kitchen debate” every time I turn on “social media” and it seems to consume the passions of the professional media as well. At least a third of the commentators on my favorite website waste a lot of time and space because they analyze everything from a “socialist” or “left” perspective. It’s like reading the “capitalist” Wall Street Journal in the mirror. They learn the story in university and repeat it in various forms for the rest of their lives. The children are engaged in a food fight… Left versus right. Right verses left. My team is going to win the competition.

As any theoretical physicist will tell you; the thing about light is; sometimes it acts like a particle and sometimes it acts like a wave. The thing about humans is; sometimes they act “individualistically” and sometimes they act “socially.” Capitalism as a metaphorical construct is based on the the notion that the inherent nature of human beings is to act like particles… Rational self interest, selfish gene theory, greed is good. Socialism as a metaphorical construct is based on the notion that human beings can and should act like waves…. We are all connected and responsible for each other, Che Guevara’s “new man,” from each according to his ability for each according to his need. In reality, light is not a particle and light is not a wave, but is instead a manifestation of the dynamic tension between particles and waves and the magical uncertainty that separates the two opposing universal forces. In reality, the same can be said about human beings (and all living things). We are not inherently selfish and we are not inherently social. But rather, human beings are a manifestation of the dynamic tension between our individualistic selfish nature and our social connected nature and the magical uncertainty (free will) that separates the two opposing universal forces. When I read a so called “socialist” ranting and raving about the “the goodness of socialism and the evils of capitalism” all I see is a ten year old child jumping up and down and crying and saying, “it’s a wave damnit, it’s a wave.” And when I read a so called capitalist ranting and raving about the, “the goodness of the free market and the evils of socialism,” all I see is a ten year old child jumping up and down and crying saying, “it’s a particle damnit, it’s a particle.”

I live within the legal boundaries of the United States because this is where I was born, this is where my family and friends are, and I am most comfortable in the ecosystem of the territory known as upstate New York. I certainly do not stay here because of the political/economic system. Metaphorically, the US is a capitalist country. Or, to be more precise, the national economic metaphor (religion) of this nation state here is “capitalism,”. Most of the “elected representatives,” talk in terms of “free markets” but really that is just another term for the capitalist metaphor. Nowadays, there are a few “elected representatives,” that call themselves “socialist” but what, exactly, they mean by “socialist,” is a little ambiguous. Mostly, I think what they mean is, “not capitalist.” This is where the problem with engaging in political discussions or conversations always seems to run into a brick wall. The real world evidence is fairly overwhelming that capitalism is a broken concept (climate change, mass species extinction, continuous war, extremes of poverty and wealth; mass incarceration). But when I attempt to point out this fairly obvious reality in a discussion, I am usually told in some manner or other that I must be a socialist. I then have to listen to the well-rehearsed story lines that are played over and over again on “social media” about how and why socialism is a failure. Haven’t you heard, the debate is over. History ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Socialism doesn’t work. Capitalism is the only viable system. The only possible solutions to present problems involve tweaking the capitalist system. Or more to the point, electing more “enlightened” or more “progressive” managers over the capitalist system. Continue reading

The Imaginary Revolution and Student Loans

Call me coyote, I am a fictional character. I am not real. I am fake news. Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution. It is an imaginary revolution, it is not real.

Free speech and student loans. If you think about it, it is perfectly obvious. But it takes a while for the concept to seep in and take hold in the brain. Someone out there in the land of law and order should learn to weaponize student loans as a form of political speech. With a little enthusiasm and organization, it should be possible to unify a constituency and it would be a very effective way to protest.

The argument is a winner. Student loan payments are not freely agreed to contractual responsibilities based upon a legitimate contract wherein two equal parties decided upon mutually agreeable terms. They are a tax imposed on citizens by the “corporate state” to fund the “educational system.” In legal terms, there is a nexus of operations between the corporate financial institutions and the federal government such that the financing of education and the collecting of payments afterwards constitute a federal government activity. Accordingly, the US constitution, including the First Amendment, applies to the activity of processing student loans and collecting student loans even if the collector agency is a nominally independent corporation. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that the payment of money is a form of speech…. especially political speech… that is protected by the First Amendment (Buckley v. Vallejo; Abood; Citizen’s United). Therefore, if you want to withhold payment of student loans to protest some particular nefarious activity of the federal government, The First Amendment of the Constitution protects your right to do so. Indeed, if you withheld payment of student loans for clearly stated political reasons and a collection agency harassed you with phone calls or letters you could theoretically sue that collection agency for punitive damages under the Federal Civil Rights Code.

Continue reading

Universal Basic Income and the Imaginary Revolution

Call me Coyote… I am a fictional character. I am not real. I am fake news. Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution. It is an imaginary revolution. It is not real.

There has been much talk of basic income in the alternative press lately. Some of that talk has even slipped into the mainstream press (usually accompanied by a guffaw). Indeed, there are even now some very wealthy and famous liberal capitalists who support the idea. Unfortunately, the “basic income” under discussion usually misrepresents reality and fucks up the revolutionary metaphor. “Basic Income” as a concept is characterized or framed as a handout from Capitalism. The narrative must be changed to capture the economic transformation that the imaginary revolution envisions. It is not a question of handouts and charity for the unfortunate losers in an otherwise functioning system. It is an issue of basic economic rights and a revolutionary transformation of the economic system. All humans have a natural moral right to interact with their environment and use the resources available in their communities. Currency or money is the tool or mechanism that governments use to regulate and control human interaction with the environment. In the present economic system, currency is used undemocratically. Oligarchic currency, quite literally, trickles down from the top in order to re-enforce the hierarchical superstructure. The imaginary revolution would replace the oligarchic currency system with a democratic currency system that bubbles up from the bottom and thereby transform the economic system from a linear hierarchical system into a dynamic/organic system. Continue reading

The Imaginary Revolution and the First Amendment

Call me Coyote… I am a fictional character. I am not real. I am fake news. Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution. It is an imaginary revolution. It is not real.

Believe it or not, when I first began my imaginary revolution way back in December of 1994, I wanted to get arrested as a tax protester. I was… hoping to get arrested as a tax protester. I was a more enthusiastic revolutionary then and I had (and still have) a very strong constitutional case based on the First Amendment that I wanted to bring all the way to the Supreme Court in order to shake the foundations of the economic system. I would only have legal standing to bring such a case if I was arrested or otherwise harassed by the government for non-payment of taxes so that was what I wanted to happen. Indeed, now that the Supreme Court has passed “Citizens United,” my case is even stronger. But I really don’t want to get arrested anymore. It would be annoying. Jail would not be pleasant. Freedom is fun and I have a family to support now. I would hate to have to go through the steps of filling out the paperwork and filing it all in federal court. I still think the case is a winner. I still think I’m right. They can’t logically say yes to “Citizen’s United” and no to my valid legal constitutional claim. But I can’t be bothered to get involved so I hope they continue to leave me alone. I don’t want to return to the practice of law. I just want to build stone walls.

The legal argument is a simple one. What you spend money on is a form of free expression or free speech (Citizens United; Abood; Buckley v. Vallejo). The First Amendment prohibits the government from passing laws that inhibit free speech. Therefore, whenever the government collects a tax from you and spends it on something that you are morally or spiritually or ethically opposed to… something that violates your conscience…. the government violates your First Amendment rights. Since the US tax code does not specify the services provided for the payment collected, the entire tax code violates the First Amendment. Continue reading

Call me Coyote…

Call me Coyote….

I am a fictional character. I am not real. I am fake news. Do not believe me when I tell you about the revolution. It is an imaginary revolution. It is not real.

I first began to howl in December of 1994. That was the moment when I divested from the Empire. I cashed out my few “financial investments” and stopped “investing” any money in “corporations.” I stopped voting. I stopped paying taxes. I stopped filling out any and all paperwork relating to the US government except for the bare minimum necessary to renew my passport for international travel. I stopped believing that the US corporatocracy was a legitimate government and no longer recognized its authority. I live and work within the boundaries of the US but my way of life and my own personal economics are completely independent from those psychopaths in Washington, D.C.. and New York who claim to be my rulers. Fuck them. I don’t want to fight them. I don’t want to take over. I just want to ignore them. And really, for 24 years now it has been fairly easy to do that.

Remember, this is fiction, I am not real.

I am also not an anarchist philosophically. I believe that human beings have a social instinct and a natural tendency to come together in groups. The creation of government or law is the real world application of that natural instinct. Nevertheless, I am a practicing political and economic anarchist because I oppose the present ruling oligarchy/corporatocracy that calls itself the US government. Elections are a carnival act and so called “leaders” are clowns. Power structures need to be decentralized and democracy needs to be more direct. The war against the world must come to an end. I believe the practice of non-violent political and economic anarchy are the most effective means to assist the inevitable collapse of the present broken system and help humans through the transition to a saner way of living and societal organizing. Ignore and avoid the federal government as much as possible, that is what the imaginary revolution is all about. Create a beautiful new world in the midst of the shitty one collapsing all around us. Continue reading

The Coyote Lives…

This is a new “travel story,” and also a continuation of the previous story.  It is presented as fiction… one part of a serialized novel.  The events may be true but the narrator is a figment of my imagination…

Winter Solstice 2017 continued…

The waffles are delicious and the moment is almost here.
How to begin? I don’t know. Have I reached the wall? No, there is so very much more to say… The coyote.. The solstice moment. How did I get there? How much does the reader need to know to appreciate the significance of the experience? Can I capture the transformation of reality into fiction?

I started the ritual 22 years ago as an experiment. I used to suffer from severe Winter depression. How much of that depression was a product of my insane real world lifestyle… trying to be “successful” in a fucked up capitalist world…. and how much of that depression was a product of my own internal “chemical imbalances” is an open question. But I abandon my insane real world lifestyle and started my own little “imaginary revolution” to deal with the fucked-up capitalist world. And I started the annual ritual as an experiment to deal with the “chemical imbalances.”

My working theory on the chemical imbalances was rather sensible. Every winter, my emotional and mental health system would run slightly off track. The remedies I usually used to treat the sadness of daily existence no longer worked. I would have to take more and more remedies to less and less effect. It was as if my system was overloaded with remedies and they all just cancelled each other out and remedied nothing. I felt nothing in winter time… I felt dead inside. That is why I decided to try re-booting the system… my own internal system. How?

My four favorite indulgences or remedies that consistently brought happiness and joy to my physiological reality were fairly easy to identify: whiskey (alcohol), weed (THC), coffee (caffeine), ice cream (sugar). I decided to cleanse my system of all these remedies before Winter began so they would all have their full remedial power during the long, cold, dark, depressing Winter months. For no real reason in particular, I thought approximately six weeks was a sufficient time period to cleanse the system. So I started my first cleanse in early November of 1995. Actually, I think I started the first one on the morning after Election Day for symbolic reasons… It was the first Election Day of my adult life that I did not vote. But that’s another story…

So I went cold turkey on all four indulgences giving them all up totally and completely. No weening, no cheating, no finger crossing. It really was a bit like hell for the first week or so but after that it was kind of nice. It was a fascinating and healthy process to think actively about my internal biological system. I could feel my body changing… transforming. I drank lots of lemon water and herbal tea and I walked around with this notion in my head that my system was getting washed clean. And then, of course, on the moment of the Winter Solstice, I drank a strong Irish coffee with whiskey and whip cream and took a couple of great big bong hits… Continue reading

The Imaginary Revolution


If you can imagine how something is possible there is always a chance that it will happen.  Even if the odds are significantly against it.  So imagine, if you will, a non-violent economic revolution…

How deep do I have to dig in order to explain the concept to the average reader? For me, at least, it is completely comprehensible. It seems so simple. All it has to do is unfold like a lotus flower. Why can’t everyone understand? It is a philosophical revolution. Collapse the old metaphor and replace it with a new one.  The “survival of the fittest”story is way too simplistic and one-sided.  Ecological interdependence is a much more realistic explanation of the observable world.   Down with the linear mechanical system that seeks only to win the competition and up with a dynamic organic system that seeks to live well within a healthy ecosystem.

Every cell is part of a tissue but is also an individual cell. Every tissue is part of a body, but is also an individual tissue. Every body is part of a community but is also an individual body. Every community is part of an ecosystem but is also an individual community. Every ecosystem is part of the whole planet earth but is also an individual ecosystem.

The dynamic relationship between the individual and the community. Therein lies the essence of free will. Therein lies the foundation for an economic system that makes sense. Communism/Socialism is a broken concept because it subordinates the individual instinct to the communal instinct. Capitalism/Corporatism is a broken concept because it subordinates the communal instinct to the individual instinct. Dynamic/Organic economics seeks the middle path between the two.

Capitalism is yang and Socialism is yin.
A healthy economic system is based upon the interdependence of both concepts.

Can you see the light yet?

Sometimes it acts like a particle and sometimes it acts like a wave.

Decentralize the power structures
Localize the economic system.

It’s not that complicated. Start with the first principle. A dynamic relationship between the individual and the community. Interdependence. Freequality. That is the foundation… the building block… The organizational structure (government) for a healthy community (state) grows out of that concept.

Dynamic/Organic Economics. (A Manifesto)

The first principle of organic economics is that all humans have an economic right to food, shelter and basic healthcare. Any government that does not guarantee those basic economic rights to all humans living within its jurisdiction is not a legitimate government.

It’s not welfare. It’s not an entitlement or a handout or charity. It’s a right. Everybody gets it. It’s your foundational bargaining position, human dignity, that allows you to participate in the free market.

The religion of capitalism is built completely upon the myth that the working class job seeker has bargaining position. But in reality, the worker does not have bargaining position. That is what the revolution is all about. If you guarantee economic rights you change the nature of the relationship between the employer and employee. The authoritarian hierarchy becomes a dynamic balance.

The theory of organic economics argues that the best way to give workers back their bargaining position/economic freedom is through the “democratization” of currency flows.

Presently, most, if not all, governments on the planet earth use some type of oligarchic linear money supply system. The currency supply is controlled by an elite central government and distributed to the population through a variety of trickle down mechanisms. In the US, they use a mechanism called fractional reserve banking. Private banks who borrow from the Fed are allowed to create money as credit and lend it out to people or institutions. In other words, when new money is added to the system, it is always given to people or institutions who have money in the first place. In other countries, the government or central bank creates the currency and passes it directly to its closest friends and relatives who then pass it down to the general population. Some governments may try to distribute currency in a way that is beneficial to the general population while some governments don’t seem to care about the populace at all. Either way, it is always a downward distribution from government insiders (bankers) to citizens.

In order to transform(revolutionize) the economic system, we must stop adding new money to the system through private banks. Outlaw fractional reserve banking. Private banks can only lend money they actually have. Instead, add new money to the system using the principles of organic economics.

In organic economics, all citizens have equal access to the circular flow of currency. Money is a function of the fair market value of food and shelter and basic healthcare within the jurisdiction that the money is distributed. It’s a mathematical equation with the community and the individual on opposite sides of the dynamic balance. There is no secret cabal of decision makers who get to decide who gets what. Money is automatically distributed according to the principles of the system. Every single person gets the exact same deal. You don’t borrow money from the oligarchy based upon your “credit rating”. You receive your fair democratic share of economic rights within the community/state where you live.

The formula itself is fairly simple. At the beginning of each month, each individual in the community/state is invested with the fair market value of food, shelter and basic healthcare in the currency of the community (how big the community? A small state? Hmm…). In exchange for that monthly investment, each individual agrees to respect the basic property rights (possessions) of other participants in the system and to contribute 50% of everything they earn (in whatever currency) on the free market back to the community/state at the end of each quarter or each year. The important thing is that money flows back and forth between community/state and individual as economic value is continually used and created.

In the confusing language of the punditocracy, you might say that everybody gets welfare (even billionaires)and everybody pays a 50% tax (even billionaires). But in organic economics, welfare is an investment in an individual and not a stigma because everyone gets it and taxes are a return to the community and not a punishment because they are based upon an agreement between people instead of imposed by psychopaths who want to fight more wars.

Do you get it yet? It makes sense. Economic democracy. Dynamic work relationships. Organic economics.

The non-violent economic revolution starts now!

This essay is not copyrighted, please feel free to share it or copy it or paste it or plagiarize it or send it to anyone and everyone.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day.